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Flat Labeling Machine

  • Label head

    Label head

    UBL-T902 on line labeling applicator, Can be related to the production line, the flow of products, on the plane, curved labeling, implementing online marking, realize supporting to spurt the code conveyor belt, the flow through the object labeling.

  • Flat labeling machine

    Flat labeling machine

    UBL-T-300 Function introduction:Suitable for automatic labeling of flat products.Such as Bottle caps, wipes cover, lying square bottles, mobile phone cases, color boxes, cartons, square boxes, plastic sheets, folders, tin boxes, egg boxes, plastic bags,Tablet oral liquid etc.

  • Card bag labeling machine

    Card bag labeling machine

    Basic Application

    Applicable to all kinds of card products, achieving the integration of dividing cards, automatic labeling, and automatic card collection.

    With the application of advanced flexible card dividing technology, it’ll divide the cards smoothly without a scratch on the surface of it.

    Such as: scratching cards, PE bags, flattened box, paper bag, garment bag, advertising color pages, magazine covers and so on.