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Six causes of unstable labeling of automatic labeling machines

When we are using the machine, if its use effect does not meet our requirements or standards, we will find the reason, where is the automatic labeling machine is the same, then the automatic labeling machine labeling What are the six major causes of instability?

1. The belt pressing device may not be pressed tightly, resulting in loosening of the standard belt and inaccurate detection by the electric eye. Press the label to solve it.

2. The traction mechanism may slip or not be pressed tightly, causing the bottom paper not to be taken away smoothly. Press the traction mechanism to solve the problem. If the label is too tight, the label will be distorted. It is better to pull the bottom paper normally. (Usually if the bottom paper pulled out is wrinkled, it should be pressed too tightly)

 3. The shape of the pasted object is different or the positioning is different. Control product quality.

 4. The placement of the labeled object should be parallel to the labeling direction (pay attention to whether the product moves during the labeling process, and the left support bar can be appropriately raised a bit higher than the right)

 5. The labeling station should ensure smooth rotation of the labeling station (note that it cannot touch the label stripping board). When the object is too light, put down the labeling rod and press the labeling station.

6. In the double-label state, the automatic labeling machine outputs a single label (1) After a single label is output, the workpiece keeps rotating because there is no delay for the second label, and the machine is waiting for the second label labeling signal status. (2) After a single label is issued, the workpiece stops. It’s because there is signal interference in the measurement sensor (reset the sensor) or the delay control is abnormal (after clicking on the jog 2 twice, then clicking on the jog 1 twice is fine.

Post time: Oct-30-2021