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UBL Tongue cartoning machine

Short Description:

For tongue type cartoning machines, we have special machines for small size boxes and special machines for middle size boxes. They are applicable
to different box size ranges, and machine sizes are also different. You can choose according to the box range.
The following are the technical parameters of the Middle size box cartoning machine.

Product Detail

Product Tags

UBL Factory Automatic Cartoning Machine

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Applied range:

1.It is mainly suitable for paper boxes made of corrugated paper, white board paper, gray cardboard and other packaging materials.
2.It is widely used in carton packaging in different industries such as digital products, cosmetics, knitwear, food, toys, fruits, daily necessities, and medicines.

Product Paramenters

Middle size tongue cartoning machine
Machine name
Middle size Tongue cartoning machine
220V 50Hz 1Kw
Speed 30~60 boxes /min
box size range
L:220-120,W:170-50,H:120-40 mm
When the height and width of the box are the same, opening the box is risky
carton feeder height
carton thickness
350-400 g of white cardboard, the carton indentation is not less than 0.4mm,With pre-folding effect, ear pages and short pages need to be chamfered
Air pressure
machine weight
weight about 1200KG
machine size


Function introduction

Function introduction of cartoning machine:
1-Automatic cartoning machine is a machine that can integrate the functions of automatic carton opening, cartoning, folding and sealing. The design structure is compact, the operation is simple, the occupied area is small, and the transportation cost is low;
2-The self-developed organization of Huanlian Company is the most advanced structure in the industry, with easy adjustment of length, width and height, and a scale display. When switching between boxes of different sizes, debugging is simple, saving debugging time;
3- The structure of the equipment design has independent protective devices to ensure easy operation and ensure the safety of operators. Transmission and
friction parts are strictly implemented in accordance with the standards, with less later wear and less replacement of parts.
4- The equipment adopts Siemens PLC and touch screen control system, as well as electrical configuration of well-known brands in the industry, and glue
spraying device to ensure stable performance. The touch screen displays the boxing speed, quantity, automatic alarm for lack of cartons, non-opening of the
cartons without products, failure reasons and other parameters.
5-The whole machine adopts 304 stainless steel structure, which is suitable for medicine, food, daily chemical, electronics, hardware and other industries;
6- It can add automatic material sorting and feeding device in the front part of the equipment; the equipment can add functions such as inn
7- The front section can be connected to a pillow packaging machine; a vertical packaging machine; the back end can be connected to an automatic labeling
machine, automatic coding machine, weighing detection and rejection, automatic boxing and other devices.
8-Widely used: masks, gloves, biscuits, bagged milk powder, tea bags, egg rolls, lotions, lotions, lipsticks, toys, stationery, auto parts, lamps, hardware, and other small products are automatically boxed.

Boxing flowchart

Tongue Cartoning Machine-Applicable Box Type Boxing flowchart

Application Scenarios

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