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UBL Glue type cartoning machine

Short Description:

For Glue type cartoning machine, we have special machines for small size boxes and special machines for middle size boxes. They are applicable to different box size ranges, and machine sizes are also different. You can choose according to the box range.

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    UBL Factory Glue Type Cartoning Machine

            UBL/Huanlian Group's automatic medium-sized glue spray cartoning machine integrates opening, packing, folding and sealing into one, with compact and reasonable design, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Adopt PLC programmable control system and various parameters of man-machine interface. Within the specified range of the same device, it can be quickly adjusted through the dial scale to achieve multi-specification use. The transmission and friction parts wear less later, reducing the replacement of parts. Optional hot-melt glue machine, using hot-melt glue spray glue to seal the box.

    Product Paramenters


     Middle sizeglue type cartoning machine
     Model HL-C-001
     Machine name Middle size glue type cartoning machine
     power 220V 50Hz machine1.1Kw,Glue machine 3.5kw
     speed 30-60 boxes /min
     box size range L:250-120 XW:170-50XH:125-40 mmWhen the height and  width of the box are the same, opening the box is risky
     carton feeder height 500mm
     carton  thickness 350-400 g of white cardboard, the carton indentation is not less than 0.4mm
    With pre-folding effect
     Air pressure ≥0.6mpa
     machine weight about 1200KG
     machine size L*W*H:3500X1780X1790mm

    Function introduction

    Function introduction of cartoning machine:
    This equipment can add functions such as automatic feeding/automatic lowering/manuals/printing serial number/rejection. It can be used alone or with other equipment, such as material sorting machine/manipulator/three-dimensional packaging machine/pillow packaging machine/vertical bag packaging machine/assembly machine/automatic filling machine/labeling machine/printing machine, etc. The mechanical equipment is connected to realize linkage use.

    Boxing flowchart

    喷胶式Boxing flowchart 1

    Application Scenarios

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